About Us


The company as an economic establishment believes in distinctive product and service and respecting the costumers as its competitive privilege.

The managerial principles of Bouka Holding includes installment and maintenance of quality management standard system long term worldwide approach to constant innovation, creativity and offering new products in order to facilitate people lives, enterprise and employ talents, physical and mental ability of educated youths.



Our vision is to enter the list of the superior firms in the region by:

  • Effective presence and reaching the markets locally and globally
  • Increasing the variety of the consumer goods in the family basket
  • Increasing the export rate
  • Increasing the number of efficient workforce

These will only be achieved by commitment to our employees’ fundamental beliefs, including:

  • Belief in GOD
  • Maintaining and improving the identity of the organization and honoring their job
  • Respecting customer as the main factor of the company existence and stability
  • Trying to promote our country’s objectives



  • Various products and services
  • Building respect for our employees
  • Creating customer respect
  • Long-term worldwide attitude
  • Constant innovation

Bouka Holding Group

Bouka holding was founded in 2004 based on strategic competition, technology localization, relying on efficient and eminent workforce, applicable study projects and finally executive experience of board of directors.

As the time passed, the expansion of the firm’s activities  from one side and the attempt to fill the gaps of industrial society from the other side, persuaded the company to organize other specialized fields and centralize them in one single company in order to fulfill the needs and demands of society, customers and other industrial and service centers in a more desirable way based on the principles and modern systematic approaches; so, in the early 2011 and with call for the partnership of some directors, advisors and some prominent experts in different fields of industry and also by inviting foreign advisors to earn their mental and financial cooperation, the company entered the world of investment holdings as an independent legal company and to earn its distinctive position in national and international market, creating stable value by new job opportunities, reinforcing job creation and economical and technological growth, all of which was made possible by considering customer rights through causing distinction and improvement and constant effects on new born jobs.