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Today Mihan is celebrating 40th anniversary of establishment. Mihan is a giant food group with more than 9200 employees. Mihan factories have more than 350,000 Sqm production hall space. Mihan is the market leader for ice cream and UHT milk. With more than 200,000 retail outlets across the Iran. Mihan annual Ice Cream sales are 350 Million Liters and UHT Milk sales are 220 Million Liters. Mihan has 60 direct distribution centers, 690 distributers and more than 2600 trucks for distributing Mihan ice cream and dairy products in Iran. The cold storage capacity is 200,000 Tons.

Today Mihan has 2 factories for dairy and ice cream production and the new factory “Dairy City” will start operation in 2015. With this new state of art factory, we will start to produce fresh dairy products, such as; yogurt, fresh milk, ayran and butter.Iraq, Kuwait, UAE, Bahrain, Yemen, and Sierra Leon are major export markets.
We challenge what we perform today and make it efficient in order to achieve a better quality.