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Knowing the fact that IML is a recent field of industry in our country, Polymer Faravar Penguin, as a newly founded company, honors to be one of the most active companies in the field of industry.

By installing modern machinery in the forming line the company entered the market of forming disposable dishes and installing and starting the IML production line with the world’s up to date technology and vast variety of creditable companies commenced to produce IML disposable dishes with label while injection capability . It is worth to mention that the endeavor and specific consideration of the companies’ reflective and creative managers has been distinctively effective in the unit’s success entering the IML market strongly, and also futuristic attitude of its founders provides a bright future for the company. 

Perspectives of  penguin polymer production company

The wide perspective of the company’s owners aims fulfilling’s the internal needs of our country in the field of food and medical packaging benefiting the cooperation of local and foreign advisors and also implementation of modern machinery and famous brands and pioneers of this industry all over the world, the company plans to do its best in order to meet the needs of our country in the area of food packaging and is also looking forward to entering the international market in near future while is made possible by the high quality production of the company.

Service description

Service description

Penguin Company having three lines of forming and various types of mould whit different shapes and openings from 75 to 125 provides high diversity of products.

Also possessing 10 IML lines equipped with automatic robots and high-tech automation system provides a complete production line which enables the company to produce various types of products with different shapes and sizes (covering from loo cc to 500 cc).

Also have production and packaging line of crooked drinking straws suitable for companies producing drinks, juices and dairy.

High quality offset printing lines along with the forming line best meet the customers demand.

There are also two active shrink lines for warm shrink products in the unit which play a key role in completing the consumer basket.

Some of our customers

Mihan Industrial company of dairy and ice cream

Panda Dairy Industries

Choupan Dairy Industries

Heydar baba ice cream

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