Rahab Sakht Mahan

Rahab Sakht-e Mahan is the first subsidiaries of Bouka Holding started its activity in the field of construction services which became as an independent firm since 2013. By constructing more than 800 residential units and over two million square meters of industrial structures, Rahab Sakht-e Mahan is now a part of the biggest private companies in the field of construction.

The company has tried to meet the housing needs of the society ranging from inexpensive apartments to modern luxurious buildings. To do so, with using strong and efficient managerial skills, modern technologies and standard quality, this company has been used all its efforts to plan and run magnificent projects in both classical and modern styles benefit from most talented and splendid architectures from Iran and other nations, resulting timely delivery of projects and achieve customer’s satisfaction and comfort.

At the time being, following the great goals of the company, the scope of the activities of this group in the fields of mass construction, investment, constructing participation and variety projects contracting as residential, commercial, official, industrial and tourism has provided a golden opportunity for different classes of the society in keeping with national and social values, strengthening of buildings, increasing the optimal life of people and saving the costs.

Ongoing projects:

Ghaemie Residential Towers: 120 units

Vavan Residential Towers: 208 units

Zarandiye Residential Complex: 40 units

Shahr-e Ziba Project: 391 units

Sa’adat abad: 10 units