Tabiat Sabz

Tabiat Sabz    

Tabiat Sabz Co. With the goal of providing and distributing basic Household products throughout the country, Tabiat company has started its activities since. Tabiat corporation has been experienced a fast and consistent growth due to the quality of products, services, integrity and solidity, on the other hand with the trust of customers and the grace of God, in a short period of time Tabiat Co. have become one of the main market producers of rice and oil and has been able to offer a variety of high quality products such as tea, tomato paste and tuna fish.

Tabiat Sabz Co. Main Mission

Tabiat Sabz Co. Manufacturer of various products in rice, cooking oil, tomato paste, tuna fish and tea product groups.  These products are distributed and sold to all age groups and different social classes in Iranian market and in the near future at the level of neighboring markets. The company’s most important goals are to provide standard higher quality products for customers. Also from the perspective of Tabiat Co. managers, the employees are considered as the main wealth of the company and are always trying to improve the staff’s satisfaction. Among the most important competitive advantages of Tabiat C. are the high quality along with diversity and innovation in products, wide distribution system throughout the country and high supply power and production.

 Extension of the company

Tabiat Sabz currently has liquid and solid cooking oil factory and tea packaging factory in an area of 9 hectares. Tabiat cooking oil factory has been established using the latest technology in the world. The current capacity of the cooking oil factory is about 10,000 tons per month which will soon double that amount.

Tabiat Tea Factory with a daily packaging capacity of 5 tons of tea bag and loose leaf tea a is in production. In the program of tea factory development, the launch of the production line for the various types of tea is under consideration.

Tabiat tomato paste factory located in Mamounieh with the production of 6 million cans of tomato paste per month, is one of the biggest Iranian tomato paste factories. The Tuna fish factory will be launched soon with a capacity of 5 million cans per month. Currently, there are 50 active branches nationwide that are responsible for distributing Tabiat products. Also, 30 active agents throughout the country are responsible for distributing products. The wide distribution network of Tabiat Corporation has been able to cover a huge market share quickly.